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The Truth About Basement Waterproofing and Wet Basement Solutions

There are a number of basement waterproofing contractors and companies that are fit to supply these methods with quality supplies and technicians. Some of these waterproofing solutions are: interior weeping tile drainage systems, exterior basement waterproofing weeping tile drainage system, french drains, cracked concrete foundation epoxy injections, and cracked concrete foundation polyurethane injections.

"There are as many bad basement waterproofing contractors, as there are good ones."

There are about just as many good methods, quality materials, and great basement waterproofing contractors as there are bad methods, poor materials, and terrible basement waterproofing contractors. To find out which one you are in contact with, it´s important to do some searching and ask some questions. Search for reviews, most company websites offer them but so do business directories such as the yellowpages.ca, pobal.com, and ourbis.com. These sites allow users to write reviews about companies they have done business with, and you can usually trust what is said to be honest and from an actual customer.

"There are two types of Wet and Leaky Basement Solutions"

Basement waterproofing is separated into two types of wet and leaky basement solutions: interior and exterior. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Interior wet and leaky basement solutionsinvolves breaking up of the concrete or doing injections into the cracked concrete foundation walls. Concrete foundation crack injections are less evasive and are prefered by most customers as it’s significantly cheaper than doing the alternative (drainage system) and can be done in homes that have finished basements. Interior weeping tile drainage systems require breaking up the floor to install the drain and pit for the sump pump. Exterior basement waterproofing requires excavation and can’t be done under certain circumstances like if there’s a deck in the way. This is by far the most expensive way to waterproof a basement but for certain reasons it may be the prefered solution (like if the basement is finished meaning you can’t do an interior drain.

"We have extensive experience doing basement waterproofing and providing proven wet basement solutions"

AquaTite’s basement waterproofing specialists have been providing wet basement solutions since 1988. Over 100,000 homes and businesses have had their basements waterproofed by our specialists since then. 100% satisfaction guaranteed and life-time warranties available for select basement waterproofing services. If you have a wet leaky basement, click the button below.